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Whiz Advert brings you the most suitable world-class digital marketing solution to meet your requirements within a defined budget. We promise you to deliver maximum returns with the help of our enthusiastic team who are dedicated to keep you one step ahead of the competition with consistent and innovative methodologies.
We are one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in India and we have successfully established our name in national as well as international market. We are passionate and enthusiastic experts who have a proper understanding of digital tools, platforms and a world of web. We help our clients to achieve high ROI by developing distinguish marketing strategies based on their business needs and ensure them for a high impact online presence from the first day.

Website development

Our website development services include creating a personal portfolio, static and dynamic websites for small, medium and large business clients that help them to bring their business online. As a website development company, we offer professional website development services and work on multiple platforms like PHP, CMS, MYSQL server, javascript HTML/XML, visual basic, etc. Our web development company provides services which are a highly reliable, secure, and scalable solution.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing the visibility of your products and services over the internet by focusing on specific keywords that are searched by potential users. It is the method to optimize a website according to the search engine guideline. SEO is a very crucial component of digital marketing and we use various combinations of both on-page and off-page SEO activities to boost your website and rank it on the top position in the Search engine result page. As we know, Google processes millions of websites every day and most of the users don't go beyond the first page, so we can help you to bring your business website on the very first page of the search result.

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SMO (Social Media Optimization)

It is the process of increasing awareness of a brand, product or event by using social media platforms. The aim is similar to SEO i.e. to drive traffic towards a website. We focus on brand awareness, building strong relationships and increasing website exposure by using all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. We assign a dedicated social media manager who will be responsible to create strategies and execute them also after analyzing your competition. Once you agree on the strategy then we start executing it, which involves daily growth optimization, content development, hashtags research and daily maintenance.

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PPC (Pay per click)/Google AdWords

PPC is an acronym of Pay Per Click. It is the method to buy visitors for your website rather than earning them organically. Google AdWords (currently known as Google ads) is the most popular PPC advertising system in the world. We offer Pay Per Click services by keeping in mind, to deliver the best result of every single click on your advertisement. We have a team of PPC experts who are capable of optimizing your PPC campaign and focus to either spend nothing if you are not making a profit or spend more if it is profitable for you. So we intelligently, design a campaign to help our clients and make them able to start selling even when their website has no organic ranking on the top results of the search engine. This process includes an in-depth discussion about your products, business and other things that we think are important for creating a fruitful campaign for you.

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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

It is a method of making strategies that influence the public perception of an individual or an organization over the internet. It helps in driving public opinion about a business or its products and services. Our online reputation management company is capable enough to fulfill the client's needs with our tried and tested methods, but the approach may differ from client to client because no two client's requirements are identical. We take pride in our online reputation management services because of our unique strategies for the clients.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

We use effective and result oriented methods that are helpful to make your website work smartly as well as an increase in revenue. In our CRO service, we use a blend of highly effective techniques that are used to convert your website's visitors into potential buyers. We understand the main factors by analyzing the data related to your business or its website. After that we prepare strategies to get more leads, sales as well as revenue because we believe that our client's hard-earned money should be invested properly for amazing ROI in less time.

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Content Marketing

It is a part of Digital marketing that includes the creation and sharing of online material (either in the form of text, video or images) that attracts public attention towards the product and service of a brand or organization. In an online world, content is assumed to be a king. We provide well crafted, compelling, unique and valuable content that may get decent likes and shares on social media platforms. Our content marketing strategies include content strategy, content development, promotion, distribution, and reporting. Our content marketing specialist can manage your campaign and offer full services solutions to help you grow your business and make the most out of your efforts.

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Video Marketing Services

The majority of the customers say watching a video before buying any product or service help them to decide to purchase it. Studies show that the users who watched an explainer video related to products are more likely to buy it. Our video marketing service includes innovative advertising methods to attract website visitors which is directly proportional to sales. We focus to create innovative videos related to your business campaigns and committed to driving maximum viewers to your video or your business website. Our video marketing strategies include vibrant ways of promoting items, increase the involvement of the audience with their queries, achieve a large number of viewers in less time, moreover our video services enhance your site’s exposure in the search results over the internet.

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Bulk SMS Services

Bulk messaging is a service that includes the spreading of any information via a large number of SMS to mobile phone terminals. This approach is used by media companies, small and large organizations or banks for marketing purposes. It is commonly known for an alert, reminders for both staff and customers. We offer powerful and simple self-served messaging services that help to upload & maintain contacts, compose media-rich SMS and send it in bulk to your targeted audience in a convenient manner. We are tied up with multiple telecom operators and the latest SMS gateway technologies to ensure the best results for your bulk SMS campaign.

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Lead Generation

It is one of the trending marketing methods that involve creating an interest among the targeted audience about a specific product and service provided by a business entity to generate sales from potential customers. We are the leading lead generation agency and deals in B2B and B2C markets. Our qualified lead generation experts can serve as your first step to get closer to the customer, we create leads for your product and service based on the interest of your potential audience. We offer lead generation services for your business growth using either paid promotion and organic search optimization of the website.

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Whatsapp Marketing Service

We spend the majority of the time on our mobile usage on WhatsApp, whether we are using Android or IOS WhatsApp is compatible with both. This is the reason, WhatsApp has become one of the major marketing tools these days. Whatsapp messages can get maximum reader attention and it offers a wider reach in less effort because of its huge user database. The best thing with it is that no one can ignore the WhatsApp message, it will deliver to every user even to the DND numbers. Our services offer wide reach, effective message design with media-rich images, multiple media formats, including images, video, and vCards.

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What things are included in digital branding?

Digital marketing is a wide topic and it covers various methods and techniques, 5 most common topics of digital marketing are as follows:

Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC)

The most primary method of Digital marketing is SEM which include, paid (SEO) and unpaid promotion (SEO). It helps to gain reach to  the online marketing by running ads on the majority of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or optimizing your website according to the google, helps and bring it to the first rank of SERP

Social media marketing (SMM)

Nowadays, SMM is preferred by the majority of the business for optimizing the brand image, business product and services, etc. We all are aware of the platforms used for social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. We create and distribute well written and quality content in a well-targeted manner for successful SMM campaigns.

Content marketing:

It is one of the important categories of digital marketing, all the marketing process revolves around it. Management of different kinds of content including writing, creating engaging and downloadable content is part of content marketing. We focus on attracting and converting potential customers by creating and publishing relevant & free digital marketing channels

Email marketing:

One of the oldest methods of digital marketing but still fruitful. In this method, we use emails for establishing relationships with existing customers and converting new customers. Marketers use emails for developing relationships with their potential and existing customers that help them generate leads and ensure their conversions.

Video marketing:

It is one of the most trending categories of digital marketing. We create an innovative video related to your product & service for your business. Our video marketing strategies include creative script, perfect recording, excellent editing and promotion on different channels.

How digital branding helps to grow business?

Digital marketing has replaced the promotional method of traditional marketing. It allows us to reach the global audience without any geographical restriction with measurable analytic & supper targeted audience which is directly beneficial for higher revenue. Digital marketing has become one of the lucrative forms of marketing for businesses or brands, who wish to grow their business globally. It helps to connect with the audience widely and to generate effective leads as well.

Why digital branding is important for your business?

Because Digital marketing offers equal opportunity to all

Those are the days when business owners had a mentality that digital marketing is only for MNCs or large-sized organizations. But with the growing number of internet users, it becomes more convenient for the small and medium industry also. Digital marketing tools offer small and medium enterprises a chance to compete against the giant industries. It levels up the difference in the promotion between MNCs and the organization that are locally centered.

Because Digital marketing is cost-effective

We all know small businesses have very little resources in their initial stages, and digital marketing provides them with a better opportunity to promote themselves in a very less budget. Almost 40% of our clients claimed that marketing through digital marketing methods has shown considerable savings while promoting their products and services.

Because Digital marketing delivers high conversion

We measure success by the percentage rate of incoming traffic to the leads converted or sales. Without any conversion, a website’s visitors or traffic would mean nothing. That is why business owners hire digital marketing agencies like us to streamline their campaigns to raise their sales. We used several tools and techniques for your promotional campaigns like SEO, SMM, and email marketing, etc. All these are effective to make interaction with your targeted audience and deliver a better conversion rate for your business.

Because digital marketing allows catering to mobile users

We all know mobile users are growing very rapidly and to cater to these audiences, digital marketing plays a very crucial role. These methods can target smartphone users and tablet users. In this age of technology, using digital marketing methodologies would be a great advantage for faster growth and better scalability, because mobile gadgets are evolving as an alternative for most of the laptop and personal computer users.

How much digital branding cost in India?

This is the question asked by most of the clients that, how much it will cost if I hire you. But the fact is that it all depends on what package and what services you are taking. Most importantly we always keep the client's budget in our mind and plan their digital marketing campaigns accordingly. This cost can be based on how much time we are giving to it, and its pricing is to be decided based on the competition which is also the most important factor while deciding the price for your digital marketing campaign. Other factors would be based on value, which is very important for clients also. If we are adding any value to your business, you will get rewarded and when this happens, we take pride in it.

Is digital branding cost-effective?

Old traditional marketing methods include printing, distribution and paying for ad space in newspapers and magazines which are not cost-effective. Using Digital marketing methods for your brand promotion are comparatively very less expensive. It can be as simple as tweaking the elements on your website which can improve its ranking on the major search engines. There is a cost associated with the professional help but it can lead your business to the next level.

How we are different from other digital marketing agencies?

Some factors which make us different from the crowd

We don't force you to come in our box

We don’t sell anything, we just assist you to execute your ideas. We provide the best solution for your business growth by analyzing your goals or needs. Majority of marketing agencies use their single strategy to every client but we offer unique planning and methodologies for every new client because each client comes with unique ideas and different needs, so it is unfair to them provide them with the same strategy

We adapt changes along with your goals and requirements.

Anything in this digital world is not constant, we assign a marketing consultant and support team to you who will be with you during this digital marketing journey. They will keep you updated with latest updated technology and whether your project requires any changes with the changing scenario of the industry or not. We take pride because of our supporting team who make the necessary adjustments to achieve the best result for our clients.

We spend your budget like it's our

The ultimate benefit of digital marketing is that it very cost-effective and with us, you will find how we make it more effective within a very less budget. This is the beauty of our team that we realize the situation of our clients and understand their budget expenditure planning and then make strategy accordingly. Apart from all that we track and monitor everything which will directly create a positive impact on your ROI.

We track all activities because the number shows our performance

Because we track everything, we can make better decisions for your business based on the data, not based on our feelings and opinions. We also share our weekly or monthly report and discuss it with you. By doing this, we make sure to keep a solution for the long term and short term as well.

What is your expertise in digital branding?

We are catering our clients for a decade and our expert team has years of experience in this industry. We are serving national as well as international clients, so we know perfectly how to handle clients all over the world. Due to this experience, we have built great expertise in multiple niches including real estate, education, automobile, e-commerce, travel, food, and many more.

What kind of content do you provide?

We have a team of content writers who are capable to provide exceptionally creative content for your business promotion. They can write video scripts, articles, blogs, press release, SMO copies, e-books, etc. we understand the fact that content marketing has become the most powerful tool in this digital world, all sizes of organisations and industries are using this method to promote their products and services but it would be a little bit difficult to find which type of content will benefit you. Here we take authority if you hire us, we discuss all your needs and requirements then make strategies with our writers, after proper understanding of your business, product or services anything which you want us to write. We commit to deliver you a unique and very innovative copy of the content.



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