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SMPP Gateway

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Whiz Advert also makes sure that the gateway is up to the date, and is easy to use.

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    Having High Monthly Push ? Get Your Own SMPP Gateway & Send Unlimited SMS

    SMS Gateway is basically a service that allow the users to send SMSs from an online destination/site to people within the groups served by that particular gateway. This particular gateway also acts as a global gateway for users with roaming capabilities, and it also enables SMS communication away from the home network. SMS Marketing is growing leaps and bounds these days, and so is the demand of SMS Gateways.

    Whiz Adverts understands the importance of SMS marketing and hence, offers high quality SMS Gateway to brands. A protocol used by the telecom industry, Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is a perfect site used to exchange SMSs between Short Message Service Centers and/or External Short Messaging Entities (ESME). And, it is required by the entities to fulfill their SMS marketing needs.

    Whiz Advert also makes sure that the gateway is up to the date, and is easy to use.


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    Here’s a brief of our offerings:

    • Send SMSs with ease using the SMS gateway
    • Effortlessly manage SMS Marketing campaigns
    • We adhere to the client’s timelines
    • Different packages to choose from
    • Dedicated support for the service

    5000 + Satisfied Customers.

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