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Get higher ROAS from your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Get higher ROAS from your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Since the past decade, Facebook ads have been at the forefront of every social media marketing strategy.

You can start following events on Facebook if you want to grow your business.

Let’s say that you have just started your Facebook Ad Campaign.

Since the pandemic, competition has increased in nearly every industry.

This means that your campaign may not be performing as well as it used to.

You may lose money on each sale because your cost per conversion has risen.

Find out your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) right now.

How can you get your advertising campaign on track again?

First, you need to determine where your funnel visitors are leaving off. Next, adjust your dashboard filters.

Basic Funnel Filter

Let’s change the dashboard view to the Basic Funnel View.

This filter will arrange your Facebook Ad Dashboard to the stages in your funnel. It will also help you to start the troubleshooting process.

Navigate to the “Customize Columns” section by clicking the “Columns tab.”

To get the most valuable metrics, removing all current data from the right side of our screen is suggested.

Let’s next add the following metrics to lead generation:

  • Impressions
  • Click Here
  • CTR
  • Landing Page Views
  • Leads

Let’s next add the following metrics to sales:

  • Impressions
  • Click Here
  • CTR
  • Landing Page Views
  • Add to Carts
  • Check out Initiate
  • Purchases

After you have completed this, click “Apply.”

This will give you an idea of the marketing funnel that your Facebook Ad campaign should look like.

Let’s see if there is an issue with your campaign.


Here are a few Common Facebook Campaign Issues.

We need to know the buyer’s journey or funnel to see how your campaign performs.

Your ad is the first thing buyers see (Impression).

If interested, they will click on your link (Link Click).

If they are interested, they will wait for your landing page to load (Landing Page view).

Once they have arrived on your site, they will need to take the action you request (Lead or Buy).

The highest number should be under the metric -Impressions. Slowly, the numbers will drop.

It is essential to search for large drops that don’t make sense.


Your CTR is the number of people who click on your ads.

Facebook’s CTR lower than 1% means that your messaging or targeting is the problem.

Your offer is not appealing to your target audience.

This could mean you need to change your audience or your ad.

And this is how you can test it: duplicate the campaign with a different audience using the same ads, and see if CTR increases.

Landing page Views

Although you may be achieving a high CTR, there is a difference in Link Clicks vs. Landing Page Views.

Two things can explain this.

· Your landing page is loading too slowly

· Your landing page views if your ad is routed to your general site.

This could be the common cause of a decrease in landing page views.

It is common to create a landing page for each Facebook advertising campaign, which would convince visitors to take desired actions.

Also, your landing page copy should be an extension of your ad copy.

They should convey & use the same message.

You can use the following two tools to get a workable landing page 

1- Unbounce- It is a platform for creating landing pages that convert quickly.

2- PageSpeed Insights –This tool can test landing page speed. All you need to do is type your landing page URL into the search box, and you will get the speed score of your landing page.


Low Conversions

You may have a problem with landing page views or clicks if your copy is not correct.

This is the main reason for the decrease in conversions.

Your copy must be able to convince people when they arrive at your landing page.

All messaging must be customized to their needs and pain points.

For all this, you could even hire a skilled and professional copywriter to assist you in your messaging.

It can make a huge difference.

E-Commerce Issues

This point is only applicable to E-Com companies that sell products through online mediums.

If you notice a lot of “add-to-carts” or “initiate checks” but not many purchases, it is likely that the problem is with the checkout process.

Sometimes, a person may be tempted to check out but sees the additional shipping cost. This can deter them from completing the purchase.

You may also experience slow loading times or conflict with other e-com platforms.

If you feel the shipping cost is an issue, you should consider including the shipping cost in the product price.

 Every e-commerce marketer or owner should also test their checkout process monthly. This will allow them to see if it is working smoothly.

After changing your filter view to Basic Funnel Filter and looking into every common issue, you should now be able to identify what needs to be changed and how to test it.

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