Promotional Voice Calls with User Response

Promotional Voice Calls with User Response

Expand your reach

Enables to send a recorded voice message to a huge number of recipients.

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    Enhance Your Visibility With Innumerable Promotional Calls With User Response

    Expand your reach to huge number of people with promotional calls.

    Promotional calls is a simple communication technique which basically enables a business to send a recorded voice message to a huge number of call recipients in a limited time period. These type of promotional calls are being used by various domains for sending out community alerts and notifications. However, these calls have become an important part of a marketing strategy of various business as well. And, promotional calls are widely used for political campaigns around the country as well. In fact, many companies use promotional calling feature to hold customer surveys as well. And, promotional calls with user response enables to gauge the interest.

    Whiz Advert also understand the need and importance of promotional calling, hence, we have been helping various brands achieve their goals through voice call marketing in the recent years.

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    Why choose us ?

    Though promotional calls, which are basically pre-recorded voice messages, Whiz Advert enables brand to communicate their message to a large group of people at once, say to mobile and landline networks across the nation. The calls are automatic. They are being managed through one of finest automated dialing technique. And, message is being regularly sent to multiple numbers together, through a computer managed lists. Whiz Advert offers customization also, to enable you send your message to audiences in different geographical areas.

    Here is a brief about our offerings:

    • Send promotional calls to a huge database in short span of time
    • Gauge the interest through user response
    • Pre-recorded messages are carefully created
    • Smooth process, and quick delivery

    5000 + Satisfied Customers.

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