Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

ORM is crucial

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"Online Reputation Management" is crucial and we meant it

In the no matter of time, online spaces has a potential to create & destroy once image or brand. With its phenomenal reach & awareness to the users, it works in a mysterious way & turns a brand out of dust or into dust.

Why choose us?

Whiz Advert offers an all-inclusive social media strategy. We also ensure absolute execution of the strategy. Starting from content creation to marketing, from brand campaigning to engagement, Whiz Advert will take care of all your company’s social media management needs!

Plus, we also offer online reputation management services which are aimed to handle your brand’s social reputation. Also, we keep offering valuable insights as well as analytics to help you understand the impact of the strategies better.


An unsatisfied customer with a grudge who feels like he has been charged excessively or any other reason comes out on internet and talk on digital platforms to influence a brand negatively. A single negative feedback from a past customer can influence your whole business in a matter of no time. It can effect your whole existence in market.

Why you should go for ORM?

ORM ensures that any negative comment or slander campaign which can affect the brand should be treated at the right time so that it does not snowball into an unmanageable situation.

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